When it comes to the finest culinary and hospitality services, CATRION stands out as the leading choice. With a longstanding reputation for professionalism, we pride ourselves on delivering the utmost in service and quality, adhering to strict quality control and safety standards. 

Our highly qualified staff, governed by core principles of integrity and responsibility, ensure that every interaction with CATRION is guided by a commitment to give the best possible service.

Our Legacy

Proud of our legacy as a top catering provider in Saudi Arabia, our success speaks to our team's dedication and innovation. Despite challenges like the pandemic and regulatory shifts, we're committed to delivering exceptional quality and service.

Vision and Mission

At the core of CATRION's success lie our values and principles, which guide all our decisions and actions.

Our strategy

At CATRION our strategy is to maintain market leadership in IFC. Scale our C&F Operations. Adopt customer centricity with increased agility & Explore new opportunities.

Board and Executives

At CATRION, our leadership team is comprised of dynamic individuals with diverse backgrounds and extensive industry experience. With their strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, they are the driving force behind our continued success


CATRION is committed to upholding the highest international and Halal standards of quality. We have instituted rigorous methodologies and staff training programs to ensure compliance. This commitment has earned us prestigious international certifications such as HACCP and OHSAS, and has fostered a high level of customer satisfaction and trust.


At CATRION, our core values extend beyond serving our customers to encompass a commitment to both communities and the environment. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are ingrained in all aspects of our operations, guiding our approach towards delivering our services.

Vision 2030

In alignment with the strategic goals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, CATRION demonstrates its commitment to fostering a vibrant society, driving economic growth and embracing an ambitious future. By operating within the framework of Vision 2030, we actively contribute to the nation's economy while expanding our global presence.


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